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Eating Out As A Vegan In Katy Texas

Eating Out As A Vegan In Katy Texas

Being a vegan is never easy when it comes to making restaurant choices. It becomes even more challenging when you are a resident (or even just visiting) a place that has become world famous for the oversize steak – a meat eaters paradise – Texas.

But within shouting distance of Houston the community of Katy is making it easier than ever before for Vegans to enjoy great meals at fabulous restaurants.

Take for instance Chowpatty Express. This venue takes the Vegan friendly Indian meal style experience to a whole new level. It’s a casual style sit down destination that will suit anyone who wants to be king to their body, the environment and their taste buds. However for those with a less less than tolerant approach to spicy food some of the menu items may be a bit challenging. But if you like to spice things up you will be glad that you made the choice.

Getting authentic Tex Mex food that stays within the tastes of those who follow a vegan diet can be incredibly challenging – but in Katy there are certainly options.

Chuy’s has a menu that caters to those who want a meat free experience. In fact they have a whole section of their menu which is devoted to those who want to explore Tex Mex flavors but also stay true to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Refried beans, tortillas, charro beans, and the ranchero sauce, as well as the tomatillo sauce are all great options. Any request to omit ingredients such as egg or cheese are greeted with a smile. The veggie only nachos are also a winner. The veggie enchilada is also a great choice. For vegans – ask them to leave out the cheese.

For a touch of continental Europe try Da Vinci Ristorante Italiano. There are some incredible vegan options on the menu. Also take into account that service is incredible and nothing is too much trouble at this venue. A must try dish is the ‘italiatio al gardenia’ – great pasta with roasted veggies and olive oil. Filling and flavors that should be experienced.

If you really have a great hunger than pop on over to DiMassi’s Mediterranean Buffet. All the favorites are there. Hummus, grilled veg, fabulous fresh falafel. It’s a delight for the taste buds.

In short vegans can enjoy a great gustatory experience in Katy – it’s just a case of knowing where to go and asking the right questions.